Specialized Instruction

Certified teachers in Grant County interested in becoming an Academic Language Therapist or a Specialized Reading Instructor should contact Fiona Bailey at 575 654 3962 or at tlcfordas@gmail.com

TLC for Dyslexia & Academic Success is committed to providing scholarships for one or more teachers each summer to receive the training to provide specialized Orton-Gillingham based-instruction in the classroom, in small groups, and individually. The training takes place in Las Cruces, NM, and TLC will cover the tuition costs. In return the teacher will use their new knowledge to instruct children in Grant County, NM.


Grant County's Specialized Instructors

Take Flight Instructors for Students with Dyslexia

TLC for Dyslexia has paid for six local teachers to learn and teach the "Take Flight" program, a premiere Orton-Gillingham methodology for teaching reading and writing to individual and small groups of students who are struggling. The "Take Flight" program breaks down all the parts of learning to read and then teaches it in a sequential, explicit, and multisensory way.

These teachers are now teaching students in Grant County.

If you feel your child could benefit from this specialized instruction, please call or text (575) 654-3962 or emailing tlcfordas@gmail.com

Fiona Bailey

I have taught kindergarten through 8th grade with 7 years in kindergarten, 8 years in 1st grade, 9 years in 4th grade, 1 year in 5th grade, and 3 in middle school. I became interested unlearning all I could about dyslexia when my daughter stopped making progress with her reading in mid-1st grade; she was then diagnosed with dyslexia in mid-2nd grade. I used the Susan Barton O-G program with her at home. I then began the "Take Flight" training in Las Cruces in July, 2014 and completed the course in May, 2016.

I am currently a part time Title 1 Reading Specialist as Aldo Leopold Charter School. I am also the chair of the non-profit: TLC for Dyslexia and Academic Success.

My master's degree is in outdoor education. I love nature, animals, gardening, and travel.

Tamara Ogilvie

Rebekah Ormand

I have taught in both private and public schools since 2005. After taking a long-term subbing position in a special education classroom in 2009, I felt called to focus particularly on helping students who are struggling readers. I already had a heart for these students because I had watched family members who are extremely smart and talented struggle with reading and spelling. When I was offered a scholarship to train in the "Take Flight" program, beginning the summer of 2014, I was excited about and grateful for the opportunity. I now feel better equipped to help students with dyslexia. I have also taught dance and gymnastics since 2000, and I love incorporating music and movement into my teaching.

Gail Carter

Chrissie Souders

A Multisensory Approach

Alphabet Knowledge

Phonemic Awareness